Breakout Boots Glue Lined

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(UL, CSA, ROHS approved, UV Stablised)

TuffStuff breakout boots are glue lined and are quick and easy to use
Watertight and highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and various chemicals
Adhesive lined
3:1 shrink ratio
Operating temp: -40 to +100 degrees Celsius

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Part No. product-type size-body fingers qty-pack Price Order Qty Total
HB2/1 Glue Lined 2way 32.0mm - 8.0mm 14.0mm - 3.0mm Each $0
HB2/3 Glue Lined 2way 60.0mm - 20.0mm 24.0mm - 7.0mm Each $0
HB3/1 Glue Lined 3way 30.0mm - 9.0mm 12.0mm - 3.0mm Each $0
HB320 Glue Lined 3way 37.0mm - 14.0mm 15.0mm - 4.0mm Each $0
HB330 Glue Lined 3way 70.0mm - 20.0mm 27.0mm - 8.0mm Each $0
HB335 Glue Lined 3way 80.0mm - 30.0mm 36.0mm - 13.0mm Each $0
HB340 Glue Lined 3way 110.0mm - 45.0mm 55.0mm - 20.0mm Each $0
HB410 Glue Lined 4way 35.0mm - 12.0mm 10.0mm - 3.0mm Each $0
HB420 Glue Lined 4way 40.0mm - 12.0mm 14.0mm - 3.0mm Each $0
HB430 Glue Lined 4way 58.0mm - 26.0mm 21.0mm - 7.0mm Each $0
HB440 Glue Lined 4way 80.0mm - 31.0mm 31.0mm - 10.0mm Each $0
HB450 Glue Lined 4way 90.0mm - 44.0mm 35.0mm - 13.0mm Each $0
HB460 Glue Lined 4way 125.0mm - 44.0mm 40.0mm - 14.0mm Each $0
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