Long Barrel Copper Crimp Lugs

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Part No. size qty-pack Price Order Qty Total
LB16-6 16.0mm sq - 6.0mm stud Each $0
LB16-8 16.0mm sq - 8.0mm stud Each $0
LB25-8 25.0mm sq - 8.0mm stud Each $0
LB25-10 25.0mm sq - 10.0mm stud Each $0
LB35-8 35.0mm sq - 8.0mm stud Each $0
LB35-10 35.0mm sq - 10.0mm stud Each $0
LB35-12 35.0mm sq - 12.0mm stud Each $0
LB50-10 50.0mm sq - 10.0mm stud Each $0
LB50-12 50.0mm sq - 12.0mm stud Each $0
LB70-10 70.0mm sq - 10.0mm stud Each $0
LB70-12 70.0mm sq - 10.0mm stud Each $0
LB95-10 95.0mm sq - 10.0mm stud Each $0
LB95-12 95.0mm sq - 12.0mm stud Each $0
LB120-10 120.0mm sq - 10.0mm stud Each $0
LB120-12 120.0mm sq - 12.0mm stud Each $0
LB150-12 150.0mm sq - 12.0mm stud Each $0
LB185-12 185.0mm sq - 12.0mm stud Each $0
LB240-12 240.0mm sq - 12.0mm stud Each $0
LB300-BL 300.0mm sq blank Each $0
LB400-BL 400.0mm sq blank Each $0
LB500-BL 500.0mm sq blank Each $0
LB630-BL 630.0mm sq blank Each $0
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