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PVC Corrugated Conduit - Electrical Conduit - TuffStuff

PVC Corrugated Conduit

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(AS/NZS-2053.5-2001 approved)

TuffStuff PVC Corrugated Conduit is UV protected offering reliable protection in the harshest environments

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Bulk order grid

Part No. colour size qty-pack Price Order Qty Total
GMD1610 Medium Duty Grey 16.0mm 10m / Coil $0
GMD1650 Medium Duty Grey 16.0mm 50m / Coil $0
GMD2010 Medium Duty Grey 20.0mm 10m / Coil $0
GMD2020 Medium Duty Grey 20.0mm 20m / Coil $0
GMD2050 Medium Duty Grey 20.0mm 50m / Coil $0
GMD2510 Medium Duty Grey 25.0mm 10m / Coil $0
GMD2520 Medium Duty Grey 25.0mm 20m / Coil $0
GMD2550 Medium Duty Grey 25.0mm 50m / Coil $0
GMD3210 Medium Duty Grey 32.0mm 10m / Coil $0
GMD3225 Medium Duty Grey 32.0mm 25m / Coil $0
GMD4010 Medium Duty Grey 40.0mm 10m / Coil $0
GMD4025 Medium Duty Grey 40.0mm 25m / Coil $0
GMD5010 Medium Duty Grey 50.0mm 10m / Coil $0
GMD5025 Medium Duty Grey 50.0mm 25m / Coil $0
OHD2010 Heavy Duty Orange 20.0mm 10m / Coil $0
OHD2020 Heavy Duty Orange 20.0mm 20m / Coil $0
OHD2510 Heavy Duty Orange 25.0mm 10m / Coil $0
OHD2520 Heavy Duty Orange 25.0mm 20m / Coil $0
OHD3210 Heavy Duty Orange 32.0mm 10m / Coil $0
OHD4010 Heavy Duty Orange 40.0mm 10m / Coil $0
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